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Оборудование: карта США; фотографии достопримечательностей; предметы (модели или изображения), изобретенные в США.

Ход урока

Teacher: Good afternoon, everyone. Today we are travelling through the United States of America. We have two teams of experts who will help us during our journey and at the end we'll see which team is the best. The people in this team are not experts so we will call them tourists. Here we have our judges. They are pupils of the eleventh form, so they are worthy of respect. And here is our guide.

Guide: Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the United States of America. I'm pleased to meet you. The weather is wonderful, and I hope that our journey will be too. Let me introduce myself. My name is… I am your guide and group leader. I shall accompany you everywhere. I'll show you everything. You'll travel through the country. You'll visit cities and historical places, museums and theatres. There are a lot of interesting things to see. You'll get to know the country and its capital. You'll meet people and make friends. I hope that we'll become friends.

Teacher: Before our journey let's listen to our experts. They are authorities in their fields of Geography and Economics.

Представители команд делают сообщения, используя карту США.

Team 1: The USA is situated in the central part of the North American continent. Its western coast is washed by the Pacific Ocean and its eastern coast by the Atlantic Ocean. The area of the USA is over nine million square kilometres. The continental part of the USA consists of two highland regions and two lowland regions. The highland regions are the Appalachian Mountains in the east, and the Cordillera and the Rocky Mountains in the west. The highest peak in the Appalachian Mountains is 2,037 metres high. The highest peak of the Cordillera in the USA is 4,418 metres. Between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains are the central lowlands, which are called the prairie and the eastern lowlands, called the Mississippi valley. The five Great Lakes, between the USA and Canada, are joined together by short rivers or canals, and the Saint Lawrence River joins then to the Atlantic Ocean. In the west of the USA there is another lake called the Great Salt Lake. The main rivers of the USA are Mississippi, which flows into the Gulf of Mexico, the Colorado and the Columbia which flow into the Pacific Ocean, the Saint Lawrence River and the Hudson River, which flow into the Atlantic Ocean. The USA is very large country, so it has several different climatic regions. The coldest regions are in the north and north-east where much snow falls in winder. The south has a subtropical climate. Hot winds blowing from the Gulf of Mexico often bring typhoons. The climate along the Pacific coast is much warmer than that of the Atlantic coast. The region around the Great Lakes is known for its changeable weather.

Team 2: The USA is a highly developed industrial country, and its agriculture is highly mechanized. Coal is found in many parts of the country: in the

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